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New academic year – Routines and expectations (part 2)

Establishing clear routines and expectations is one of the most important steps all teachers, regardless whether they are new to the teaching profession or experienced, need to get right from the start of each academic year. They are everything in teaching.

If you are a new teacher joining a school, it is essential that you also find out what the whole-school routines expected of students are and stick to them as closely as possible, so you can lean on the community routines and reinforce them.*

‘Routines establish efficient and effective processes that prevent time being wasted. They also create a culture that builds momentum and compliance. Routines should be as ubiquitous and consistent as possible. Classroom routines are worth drilling to perfection!’ (Adam Robbins, Middle Leadership Mastery)

The routines and expectations listed below are based and adapted from Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion 2.0 and Adam Robbins’s Middle Leadership Mastery. Both of these books provide clear and useful guidance for creating a classroom culture of high expectations and the routines are only some of the 62 techniques described in Lemov’s book. For further expert advice on creating a positive and successful classroom culture, please read Tom Bennet’s book ‘Running the room’ (referenced below).

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