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Professional development and resources
for language teachers

What I do ...

I have started to write and publish my blog during the Pandemic in October 2020 using the Blogger platform. All of my previous posts have been transferred to this site.

Writing my blog helps me to reflect on my own practice and develop myself as a teacher.

I enjoy creating resources for my own students and I have started to share them freely with colleagues during the Pandemic with the hope they will be useful to the teaching community during such difficult times.

Since then I have continued creating new content.

I love delivering CPD - especially, subject specific and supporting language teachers, departments and schools.

You can access the CPD programme and topics that I can offer and tailor to your specific context in this section.


About Silvia Bastow

I am a teacher, subject leader, blogger, published author, content creator, CPD provider and speaker.

I am currently teaching German at Ercall Wood Academy, where I have been the Subject Leader since 2011 and have 22 years of experience teaching languages in the Secondary sector.




"Thank you SO much for your wonderful presentation this afternoon on the Rosenshine principles and all the fantastic ideas for how to implement them in the MFL classroom.

It really was incredibly helpful."

Secondary school teacher

"It was very inspiring! After almost failing my NQT, I took a year off and now I am only a Language Assistant, but considering going back to full time teaching next year and complete the NQT. 

My objective long term is to engage on research again. Your presentation was like an injection of energy when I'm re-engaging with my teaching career."


Thank you Silvia, very interesting session!! Thank you so much - the retrieval practice is great, especially as the final assessments approach! There's a  lot for students to remember!

Secondary HOD


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