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I am very proud to have my work published and acknowledged by my peers.

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Teacher Hacks MFL

This upcoming publication, a part of the John Catt Teacher Hacks series, is currently in the works. Co-authored by myself and Sinead Moxham, it will delve into twenty challenging aspects of the curriculum that languages teachers might find challenging to teach. Stay tuned for its release date soon!


Languages Today

As a dedicated member of the Association for Language Learning (ALL) and serving as an honorary membership officer (HMO), I've contributed two articles to the ALL Languages Today magazine. One focuses on "Developing Skills of Language Retrieval" (Issue 40), while the other delves into "Practice Making Better Listeners" (Issue 42).



German Primary Sentence Builders: A lexicogrammar approach: German Sentence Builders

German Primary Sentence Builders is a workbook aimed at beginner students, co-authored by six modern languages educators with over 90 years of extensive classroom experience between them, both in the UK and internationally.


Effective strategies to support novice and expert learners in MFL: The power of modelling

It is a tremendous honour to be recognised as a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. Additionally, I am privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute an article to the CCT Impact journal. Titled "Effective Strategies to Support Novice and Expert Learners in MFL: The Power of Modelling," it was published in the online version in issue 16.

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