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Teacher Hacks MFL
John Catt Educational from Hodder Education

Pre-orders for this book will become available shortly, and you'll have the option to order directly from this page or through John Catt, as well as from reputable bookstores.

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At "Teacher Hacks MFL," our mission is to empower modern language teachers at every stage of their career with some practical strategies and language teaching hacks to overcome the challenges of teaching certain aspects of languages to students in our classrooms.


Through our book, we aim to provide valuable insights, actionable tips, and creative solutions, equipping teachers with the tools they need to support, inspire, and engage their students with the learning process thus enabling them succeed in their language learning journey.


We are committed to fostering a supportive community where teachers can share experiences, exchange ideas, and continuously enhance their teaching practices for the benefit of both themselves and their students.


In our book 'Teacher Hacks MFL,' we aim to explore twenty concepts that pose formidable challenges for world language teachers. Following the ethos of the series, we will encourage self-reflection, and share top hacks.

Through the integration of case studies, practical examples, and evidence-informed practices, we will strive to offer not only classroom-proven strategies and approaches that are practical and achievable in terms of teacher workload but which have also demonstrated significant impact on students' self-efficacy, engagement, enjoyment, progress and outcomes.

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