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Effective feedback, summative and formative assessment

About the Session

Enhancing Language Learning Through Effective Assessment and Feedback: Strategies for Success

Description: This professional development session is designed to equip language teachers with effective strategies for assessment and feedback that promote student achievement and progress in language learning. Participants will explore practical approaches, timing considerations, and implementation techniques to ensure that all students receive meaningful feedback and opportunities for growth.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Understanding the Purpose of Assessment:

    • Delve into the multifaceted role of assessment in language learning, including diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment, as well as its impact on student motivation and progress.

    • Explore the importance of aligning assessment practices with learning objectives, standards, and curriculum goals.

  2. Designing Effective Assessment Strategies:

    • Develop strategies for designing assessment tasks and activities that accurately measure students' language proficiency, skills, and competencies.

    • Explore methods for incorporating a variety of assessment formats, such as performance tasks - summative assessment, self-assessments, and peer to peer assessment.

  3. Providing Timely and Constructive Feedback:

    • Learn techniques for providing timely and constructive feedback that is specific, actionable, and tailored to individual student needs.

    • Explore strategies for fostering a culture of feedback reciprocity, where students are encouraged to reflect on and respond to feedback to drive their own learning.

  4. Implementing Assessment Throughout the Learning Process:

    • Explore the role of ongoing formative assessment in supporting student learning and progress, including strategies for monitoring student performance, identifying areas for intervention, and adjusting instruction accordingly.

    • Learn how to effectively integrate summative assessments at key milestones to measure student achievement and proficiency levels.

  5. Promoting Student Ownership of Assessment:

    • Discover approaches for involving students in the assessment process, including goal setting, self-assessment, and reflection activities, to foster autonomy and accountability in their learning journey.

Duration: The session is structured for one hour, allowing ample time for interactive demonstrations, collaborative discussions, and exploration of resources.

Additional Benefits: Participants will receive access to a range of resources, including sample assessment tasks, feedback templates, and assessment rubrics, to support the implementation of effective assessment and feedback practices in their language classrooms. Additionally, permission to record the session and a downloadable PDF copy of the presentation will be provided for continued professional development and reference.

By engaging in this session, language teachers will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to design and implement assessment and feedback practices that foster student achievement, growth, and success in language learning.

The session can be customised to align with your specific needs, which will be thoroughly addressed during the booking process.

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