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About the Session

The Power of Live Modelling and Worked Examples in Language Classrooms: Understanding the Importance and Varieties of Modelling

Description: This professional development session is designed to elucidate the significance of modelling and its diverse applications within language instruction. Participants will explore the transformative impact of live modelling and worked examples, alongside the nuances of different modelling approaches, including live modelling in action and life modelling through metacognitive marking.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Modelling: Explore the theoretical foundations underpinning modelling as a pedagogical tool, and its profound role in scaffolding learning, fostering comprehension, and enhancing student performance in language acquisition.

  2. Exploring Different Types of Modelling: Examine various modelling methodologies employed in language instruction, including live modelling, worked examples, each uniquely tailored to address distinct learning objectives and cognitive processes.

  3. Live Modelling in Action: Witness first-hand the dynamic application of live modelling techniques as instructors demonstrate language concepts, strategies, and skills in real-time, providing students with tangible examples and immediate feedback to scaffold their learning journey effectively.

  4. Life Modelling through Metacognitive Marking: Explore the transformative potential of metacognitive marking as a form of life modelling, empowering students to engage in reflective thinking, self-assessment, and continuous improvement through systematic feedback and revision.

Duration: The session is structured for one hour, followed by an opportunity for Q & A.

Additional Benefits: Participants will gain access to resources, including sample activities. Additionally, permission to record the session and a downloadable PDF copy of the presentation will be provided for continued professional development and reference.

By attending this session, language teachers will gain a comprehensive toolkit of modelling strategies to foster engagement, comprehension, and proficiency among their students, thereby cultivating a dynamic and enriching learning environment conducive to linguistic fluency.

The session can be customised to align with your specific needs, which will be thoroughly addressed during the booking process.

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