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Developing spontaneity and fluency in speaking

About the Session

Cultivating Confidence in Spoken Language Proficiency: Strategies for Phonics, Pronunciation, and Skill Development

Description: This professional development session is designed to empower language teachers with effective strategies for nurturing students' confidence and proficiency in spoken language. Participants will explore the role of phonics and pronunciation in language acquisition, alongside practical techniques for developing speaking skills through engaging activities and accessible resources.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Mastering Phonics and Pronunciation: Delve into the fundamentals of phonics and pronunciation, examining their critical importance in facilitating clear and accurate spoken communication.

  2. Application of Phonics Knowledge: Explore practical methodologies for applying phonics knowledge in spoken language contexts, fostering accurate pronunciation and intelligibility.

  3. Developing Speaking Skills: Equip teachers with a repertoire of strategies and techniques for systematically developing students' speaking skills, including fluency, coherence, and confidence.

  4. Exemplary Activities: Engage in hands-on exploration of exemplary activities designed to promote speaking proficiency, ranging from pronunciation drills to communicative tasks and role-play scenarios.

  5. Accessing Resources: Gain access to resources, including activity templates to support the integration of speaking skill development into language teaching.

Duration: The session is structured for one hour, allowing ample time for interactive discussions, and exploration of resources via Q & A.

Additional Benefits: Participants will receive access to resources, including sample activities to support the implementation of strategies in their language teaching practices. Additionally, permission to record the session and a downloadable PDF copy of the presentation will be provided for continued professional development and reference.

By immersing themselves in this session, language teachers will emerge equipped with practical strategies and resources to cultivate students' confidence and proficiency in spoken language, fostering effective communication skills essential for real-world language use and cultural exchange.

The session can be customised to align with your specific needs, which will be thoroughly addressed during the booking process.

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