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How useful is cognitive science in Languages classroom

About the Session

Effectively embedding Retrieval Practice in Languages classroom

Description: This professional development session is designed to expound on the strategic integration of Retrieval Practice within the framework of language education. Participants will gain comprehensive insights into leveraging memory mechanisms to optimise learning outcomes in language classrooms.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Understanding Memory mechanisms: Delve into the intricacies of memory function and its implications for language acquisition.

  2. Pedagogical Insights: Explore the fundamental principles governing the process of learning in language education contexts.

  3. Practical Implementation Strategies: Examine retrieval practice methodologies and their applicability within language instruction settings.

  4. Resource Showcase: Access a curated selection of retrieval practice examples and supplementary resources tailored to enhance language learning effectiveness.

Duration: The session is scheduled for a duration of one hour, inclusive of a dedicated question and answer segment to address participant inquiries.

Additional Benefits: Participants will receive a downloadable PDF copy of the presentation and explicit permission to record the session for personal reference. Furthermore, supplementary resources will be made available to support continued professional development in language education.

This session offers language educators a comprehensive toolkit for integrating retrieval practice methodologies into their instructional repertoire, thereby fostering enhanced student engagement and proficiency in language learning.

The session can be customised to align with your specific needs, which will be thoroughly addressed during the booking process.

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